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nobody won\'t help about this? :((
hey Mr.Status x please help me about this i really dont know how to fix this problem ... tell me if you need to more detail about it .. i want to use that cometchat script with status x or koobi but i could not integrate this two thing
please reply
Техническая помощь 04.06.2012, 21:39
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using LTR and RTL language in same time
Hi Mr.Status X .. is this possible to using to type language like RTL and LTR in same time with Status X ?
i mean when we choice a language like english it will switch to LTR and when we switch to any RTL language like Persian it will show the theme and all RTL
Техническая помощь 27.05.2012, 17:14
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compare system
ohh sorry the compare system is exist just i didnt realize it because of the language problem

Отредактировано berctain: 27.05.2012, 14:43:52
Техническая помощь 27.05.2012, 14:18
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persian character not working
Hi Status X i would to use this script in Persian language and the most part of site work with that used with UTF8 encoding but i cant use it when i want to register a username with Persian characters like this >>> باراد
it say dont use any special character .. so please tell me how can i fix this problem
also when im using the forums with Persian words it saw it like a code in SQL data base like this >>> سلیکث سل instead the words >> سلام
watch in photo

i tried to change the table structure , collation to utf8mb4_general_ci and utf8mb4_persian_ci and similar but nothing changed
please help me

Отредактировано berctain: 27.05.2012, 08:17:23
Техническая помощь 27.05.2012, 08:09
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have not this feature
Hi Status X .. i installed koobi 7.30 and Status X 1.04 and the only things that i saw more in koobi were product comparing and auto product photo zoom and also Status need to a beautiful theme i hope that i will could help about this case .. somehow its really good job , congratulation :)
Техническая помощь 27.05.2012, 07:00
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problem with integrating chat bar with StatusX
i found this chat bar script named cometchat and its really effective and useful , i watched to their integration guide and i did all but it just won't to work .. i think i'm missed some thing.
any body can help about this?
sorry that i wrote in english if it made any problem i can try to writing in Russian .. thanks all
here is the guide link
and a standalone version of script for testing

Техническая помощь 27.05.2012, 06:49


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